A Champion VS A Loser

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Via TheVerge

Logan Paul, a YouTuber , Rapper, Actor and a big internet celebrity just recently got into boxing. He’s only had two fights and has won neither of them but he is already calling out the undisputed, Floyd Mayweather. The guy who won against the likes of Connor McGregor and Manny Pacquiao.

Back in 2018 Logan had some beef with the British YouTuber KSI and to settle it, a boxing match took place on 25th of August, 2018 in the Manchester Arena , but the match ended up in a draw, so a second match was…

Why Facial Development Doesn’t Solely Depend On Your Genes

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Back in 2018 when Mewing was introduced to the mainstream media, It quickly became a trend. People started making videos and sharing results on social media of how mewing improved their jawline. It was basically a facial posture exercise that if executed properly would eventually increase your jaw length and improve your facial features.

However, some people might not know this but mewing was invented by Dr.John Mew ( A British Orthodontist ) in the 1900s. It was used to extend a recessed jawline caused by the modern lifestyle. …

How Can You Be On Top Of Your Game Socially?

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Photo by Kristina Wagner on Unsplash

Whether it’s a party or a business meeting, there are always some people there that just steal the attention of every single person because of their charismatic personality. They give off this vibe that everyone finds really attractive and makes them more approachable.

Have you ever looked at them and then asked yourself, “How do they do it ?” “Do they have some sort of super powers?”

Well if you have then grab your pens because we have revealed the top 6 traits of highly charismatic people so you can join them on their journey to success.

1. They Love Themselves

Loving yourself is…

What You Can Do To Better Your Chances Of Success As A Content Creator

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Jimmy Donaldson AKA Mr Beast

From giving away an island to giving away a Million dollars, Mr beast has officially claimed his spot as one of the most richest and generous YouTuber in the world. His channel sits at almost 46 million subscribers and is currently growing at an exponential rate, in fact, his channel is one of the most fastest-growing channels on Youtube right now. So what is the secret Youtube formula behind Mr. Beast’s remarkable success?

1. Follow Your Dreams

“Don’t let small minds convince you that your dreams are too big.”

In a recent interview in 2019 with Casey Neistat, Jimmy said

“ I like helping…


A Purr-fect Island For Paw-some Cat Lovers

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Image Via Metro

Have you ever heard about an island filled with furry little cats. Now, I know it may seem like a fairy tale straight out of a Disney movie but it is very real. The name of this island is Aoshima but is now commonly known as the Cat Island due to the large number of felines present on the island. It is located in the Seto Inland sea in the southern part of Japan.

This island is home to more than 190 cats. Now it may not sound like a lot cats but they are more than enough for this…

Is Your Favorite Color One Of Them?

Surely everyone has a favorite color of some sort, A color that they think looks more beautiful and attractive than the rest, personally, I think red is the most beautiful color, but let's see what are the most liked colors of all the people around the globe.


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Image Via Pinterest

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time” . Moncy Barbour

Blue is the most loved color by humans being preferred by more than 35% of world’s population which basically means that every 4 people in a group of ten favor blue over any other color…

Tribute Piece

The Cat Who Saved A Man’s Life

Bob and James at their movie premiere
Bob and James at their movie premiere
Credit: TheSun

In 2007 James Bowen, a recovering drug addict heard a noise in his kitchen, he went on to investigate only to find an adorable ginger cat with big green eyes munching up on his cereal. Now, this cat was in a really bad shape and it looked as if it was attacked by a fox. Now, James being the lovely guy he was poured some milk for the poor cat and kept it in his apartment for the night.

I rescued him from the streets, he’d been attacked by a fox, he came and asked me for help and I…

How Video Games “Can” Destroy Your life

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Photo By Cerith Williams

Have you ever played video games to cheer yourself up, because lately, your life has been going downhill?

Have you ever escaped into a supernatural world of a game that does not exist because you were too tired of the problems you had in the real world?

Have you ever isolated yourself in a room and kept staring at a screen for 5 hours straight because your life has been a bit harsh?

These are some questions that you might wanna ask yourself if you have been failing at life recently and are always feeling down and the only moment…

The Story Of Marques Brownlee’s Phenomenal Success

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When you think about the biggest tech reviewers on YouTube, the first name that pops up in your head is probably Marques Brownlee. Marques is currently dominating the tech side of Youtube with a whopping 12 million subs. He is currently the largest tech reviewer on the platform. Almost every video he’s made has crossed a million views. He is, what every Youtuber in the world dreams to be.

Marques is making an estimated amount of 10,000 dollars per day or 3.6 million dollars a year through youtube ad revenues alone. In an interview in 2019, Marques said “ I’m…

Animal Advocacy

Other than being cute and adorable

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Image Via pdsa

If you’re looking for a cute and cuddly pet, I would straight-off recommend you adopting a Rabbit. I can say from my past experience with two of the most beautiful Rabbits in the world that you won’t be disappointed. Other than that here are some more reasons why you should adopt a rabbit as your next pet.

They love to stay clean

Rabbits like to be clean all the time. They lick themselves like cats do, to groom their hair, and spread natural oils along the body, though this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to brush your rabbit. …

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